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  • Business / Finance

    Will I succeed in my proposed new joint venture? Will it be smooth sailing and make desired profits?

    I am currently going through a financial crisis. When will I overcome this?

    When is the best time to make a public issue for my company?

    Should I start an export business ? Will I be successful? When?

    When will my business be steady?

    When will my business sales rise?

  • Family

    My father is dividing all his business and property among his children. Will I get my proper share?

    We are a joint family. All our brothers along with me are married and settled. Should we live our independent lives or break up the joint family?

    I am having difference of opinion with my brother and having fights over petty matters. Will I settle my disputes with my brother and live peacefully?

  • Travel

    We are planning a vacation abroad for the whole family this year. Do you think it will materialize?

    I don’t like this continuous traveling job. Can I get a desk job? When?

    When will I go Abroad?

    When will I get a Visa?

  • Education

    Will my son/daughter get admission in the best public school this year?

    Will I travel to a foreign country for education?

    Shall I get financial assistance / scholarship?

    Will I get admission for higher studies?

    Which line of education will suit me?

  • Marriage

    We are having major problems in our marriage. Do you think we will be able to solve them? When? Or shall we have to be separated?

    When will I get married? Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

    We are living separately. Will he/she come back or is it better to re-marry?

    Is there a second marriage in my life? Or is it better to remain like this?

    I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? When?

  • wealth

    A lot of money in my business is stuck with my customer. Will I recover most of it in the near future?

    Will my income increase/decrease in the near future? Will it be a significant change?

    I owe a lot of money to my bank and other people. Will I ever clear my debts?

    I am currently going through a financial crisis. When will I overcome this?

    When shall I own a flat, car etc.?

  • Child Birth

    We have been married for the last five years. We do not have any children. Medically none of us have any problem. We want to have our own child. Do you think we have any hope? Or should we adopt? When?

    I have been married for a long time. I have conceived many times but I had a miscarriage. Will I conceive again and give birth to a healthy child?

    We have been married for the last four years. When we can expect our First Child ?

  • Buy / Sell

    We have seen a number of flats/houses. We also have the finance. Is this the best time to purchase? At which direction should we have our new place?

    We want to sell our apartment/house. when should we do it? Will we make a profit or not?

    I want to purchase a property with the help of loan. Should I purchase it?

    Should I dispose my property now, and buy another property?

  • Health

    I had multiple fractures on my hip a few months ago and had to undergo surgery, but it is not fully cured as yet. Doctors are divided on their opinion as to whether or not I need another surgery or I shall recover with medicines and physiotherapy. Astrologically can you point out whether further surgical intervention is needed or not?

    Doctor’s are unable to diagnose the pain in my legs and they are experimenting. Astrologically can you point out if this a curable disease or do I have to live with it?

    I had a heart operation last month. I am not feeling well and my recovery is very slow. When will I recover fully and why I am not recovering speedily?

    My wife is to undergo surgery next week. Do you think it will be successful?

  • Profession / Career

    I am at present working in a private company. I want to switch to business. Do you think I will be successful?

    My company sends people abroad for assignments. Will I get a chance and When? Which country?

    I am not happy with my present job. I want to change my job and get a better one. When?

    I am not able to find a job for the past two months. When will I get a job?

    I am due for a promotion since last year. Will I get it now?

  • Romance

    He is my co-worker and we are working together from the past 2 years. I think I am in love with him. Will he propose me? Will we marry each other? Will our relation last?

    I am in love with a person? He/she loves me too. Do you think he’s serious ? Do you think we will marry? When?

    Am I compatible with my partner and will our relationship be long lasting?

    Do you think me & my boyfriend are serious to each other? Should we marry?

    Will I marry a foreigner or a native?

  • Miscellaneous

    We are fighting a litigation against the Government for the last 6 years, over our ancestral property. Is there any chance of winning? If so, When?

    My father is a politician and wants me to join politics too. Should I join politics? When is the best time for it?

    Should I stand in the next elections? Will I get the party ticket?

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