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According to Indian Astrology, Virgo traits are Modest and shy, Meticulous and reliable, Practical and diligent, Intelligent and analytica.Virgo is the only zodiacal sign represented by a female. It is sometimes thought of as a potentially creative girl, delicately lovely; sometimes as a somewhat older woman, intelligent but rather pedantic and spinsterish. The latter impression is sometimes confirmed by the Virgoan preciseness, refinement, fastidious love of cleanliness, hygiene and good order, conventionality and aristocratic attitude of reserve. They are usually observant, shrewd, critically inclined, judicious, patient, practical supporters of the status quo, and tend toward conservatism in all departments of life. 

Daily Horoscope for October 19 ,2021

Your expertise in work will be appreciated. Higher ups would be supportive. Parents and friends will be there in your time of need. Avoid investing in dubious financial schemes. Success in tightening the domestic budget will give rise to savings. On the romantic front, you might have arguments with your partner.

Daily Horoscope for October 20 ,2021

You will have to take some time for parents who crave for your attention. At professional front time to realize that the fear of losing job is no longer a potent tool of motivation. You will have to take some time for parents who crave for your attention. Restrain yourself from wasting money to impress others.

Daily Horoscope for October 21 ,2021

Listen to your inner feelings before promising anything at work. Discussing your ultimate aims with an experienced person would be beneficial. However you should avoid raising controversial issues. The health of an elderly person might require attention. You should avoid becoming too sensitive in emotional/intimate relationships.

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