Color Therapy

What is Color Therapy?

Colour therapy or Chromotherapy or phototherapy is a unique but centuries-old concept. This is an alternative medicine method which uses visible light to cure diseases. Red, green, blue and mixing of these colours in various proportions are used to generate electric impulses that activate biochemical processes inside human body. Each organ of our body has its own distinct colour, and each colour has its own vibrational energy. When organs deviate from its own vibrational behavior, it becomes diseased. Colour therapy corrects such vibrational imbalance through the vibration of colours used in the therapy which results in recovery from the disease.


It was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. Egyptians utilized Sunlight as well as colour for healing. Greeks used both direct use of sunlight and indirect healing methods where stones, dyes, ointments, and plasters were used as mediums. The great Ayurvedic physician of ancient India, Charaka, used sunlight to treat various diseases. Practitioners of colour therapy like Ibn Sina (AD 980) to Augustus James Pleasanton and Edwin D. Babbitt in 19th century, Ghadiali, in 20th Century and many other advanced the body of knowledge and made great contributions to give colour therapy its current form.

How to use colors in everyday life?

Use soft lamps, coloured light bulbs, mild, soothing and harmonious shades. Choose colours of your surroundings like home, office, car and clothes with care. Take advantage of natural light. Eat foods of natural colour, e.g. take beet if you want to get benefit of red colour.

Red represents health, fire, anger, danger and destruction. Blood ailments, Anemia, feeling of perpetual sadness, paralysis, Bronchitis, cough and cold etc. are treated with red colour. It can stimulate deeper passions like love and sex, courage and hatred etc. People having high bloodpressure and disturbed mind should avoid red colour.

Orange represents heat, fire, will force and creativity, and worldly affairs. It creates a general sense of well-being. Asthma, epilepsy, Hypo & Hyperthyroidism, Mental exhaustion, Kidney ailments etc are treated with Orange colour. It revitalizes the body, however, excess use of this colour can arouse selfish ego.

Yellow activates motor neurons, which control muscles. It affects digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, adrenalin activity and activities controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. It is used to treat ailments of nerves and brain, liver, intestine and skin. It purifies blood and activates lymphatic system. People with delirium, fever, over excitement or palpitation of heart should not be treated with yellow colour.

Green is a calming colour. It is the colour of nature. It represents purity and harmony. It promotes growth. It also relieves tension and lowers blood pressure. Its calming effect is helpful for conditions like sleeplessness, exhaustion and irritability. It is an emotional stabilizer. Diseases like nervous tension, high blood pressure, exhaustion, over stimulation etc. are treated with green colour. Green should not be used to treat patients of cancer and tumor.

Indigo is the colour for integration and purification. It is an excellent blood purifier and strengthens the immune system of the body. It has astringent qualities and can be treated to reduce or stop excessive bleeding. It stimulates parathyroid and suppresses thyroid. Indigo has a sedative effect; it can be used in meditation to achieve deeper level of consciousness. Indigo is used to treat all conditions of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sinuses. It should not be used for patients suffering from depression.

Violet helps balance the spiritual and physical energies. It is effective in treating cancers. It counters the feeling of hopelessness and boost self-esteem. It stimulates spleen, and reduces activities of motor nerves. It helps maintain potassium and sodium balance of the body. It is excellent for calming violent behavior. Violet can sometimes suppress emotions like anger which may not be good for all patients.

Blue is a calming and soothing colour. It can be used to promote growth. It is good for patients of insomnia. It is excellent for treating inflammatory diseases and reduces nervous excitement. It is used to treat diseases like asthma, chicken pox, jaundice, and rheumatism. It should not be used for patients of hypertension, constriction of muscles, paralysis, and cold.

Color therapy is one of the most powerful but less used techniques of medical healing. Colours work in both physical and psychological level to provide a holistic cure. Using the balancing power of colours many psychological and physical conditions can be treated and cured. Colours can bring peace and stability, sense of wellness in human life.