Sample Analysis : Health Report


We have analyzed your charts with regard to your query.

The planets that govern nervous system, asthma, liver, pancreas glands and gall bladder, rheumatism, bones, skin, intestine etc. are well placed as well as in strong strength in your birth chart. Therefore you might not experience or suffer from ailments related to the above. However the planets that govern heart, muscles, erratic circulation of blood, mental stress, renal system, coughs and colds, urinary tract infections, lungs, inflammations, digestive system, sexual organs, eye sight, insomnia etc. are weak in strength. As a result of which, you might suffer from problems related to some of them at times. Keeping in view the weak strength of lord of the house governing health, you are required to pay due attention toward your health as and when required. However good placement of lord of the house governing resistance power is likely to offer great support to bless you with a sound health most of the time. Nevertheless you should be vigilant regarding your health.

At present you are passing through the sub period of Sun in the main period of Mercury. Sun being lord of the house governing family and wealth is well placed in its own house. In addition to this Sun is the significator of heart, bones, immunity, digestive system, erratic blood circulation, headaches etc. The sub period of Sun has been in operation from 10th October 2001 and would last till 15th July 2002. It is although well placed in your birth chart but is partially aspected by Saturn, the lord of the house governing obstructions. As a result of which you might experience occasional difficulties in enjoying some of the traits signified by Sun during the present sub period. For example Sun governs heart, bones, headaches, immunity, vitality, etc. Sun is strong in strength in your birth chart since it is well placed in its own house. Therefore nothing major is likely to happen, despite this you should be slightly cautious and may take preventive measures as and when required.

The transitory movements of malefic plants had been casting their influence on Moon, the planet governing blood, chest, coughs and colds and mental peace etc. during the months of October to December 2001. As a result of which, you might have experienced slight health problems or might be mental stress regarding some of the traits of Moon that have been mentioned above. In short, Moon is lord of the house governing health in your birth chart, therefore you might have experienced some sort of health problems during the time period mentioned above. An improvement in this regard is indicated from January 2002. You are required to pay attention towards your health during the month of May 2002 also. The influence of malefic transitory movements on Venus, the lord of the house governing chest, circulatory system, lungs, mental peace and the significator of renal system, urinary tract, eye sight etc. might cause occasional mental stress. It is going to be a temporary phase and might not be much harmful. Despite this one should be cautious during the transits of malefic planets on benefic houses or planets.

Further analysis indicates that the time frame during August and September 2002 might be slightly difficult when the transiting planets would be casting their malefic influence on Venus again. Rest of the period is favourable for you provided you avoid taking unnecessary stress and strain.


The lord of the house governing health is weak in strength in your birth chart. Therefore you should be slightly cautious regarding your health and should observe necessary precautions as and when required. Despite this good placement and strength of the planets governing resistance power and vitality is going to be quite beneficial for enjoying good health most of the time. If possible you may take necessary precautions during the periods that might be slightly difficult for you.

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