Gemstones and Astrology

About Gemstones

Choosing the right gemstones can be confusing for a lot of people. Prices tend to be different for gemstones that look the same. The words used by the sellers can be confusing as well. The gemstone can be described as genuine, simulated, natural, synthetic, treated, or the combination of any of the terms.

In simple terms, natural gemstones are sourced from nature. They are cut and/or polished to be used in jewellery. Their compositions are not altered in any way. Genuine gemstones are still the real thing but they are treated to enhance their appearance. They are usually lower quality gems that consumers will not buy unless they are treated. A treated gemstone is considered genuine but is no longer natural. Having the natural label doesn’t make the gemstone more valuable. Low-quality gemstones are common and known as mining castaways. Their value varies due to their abundance in nature. When buying gems, it is important that you research about the particular one before closing the deal.

Just like any other commodity on the market, the law of supply and demand applies to gemstone prices. Take for instance natural rubies of high quality. They are rare and demand is always high for the particular gem. Some of the areas where the rubies are mined are experiencing political turmoil and that’s why the supply remains low. On the other hand, red garnets are beautiful but there are many of such gemstone in the market. A flawless, natural red garnet costs a portion of that of a ruby of similar quality.

A synthetic gemstone has the physical, optical and chemical qualities of a nature one. The only difference is that the synthetic gemstone has been made in a laboratory. There are synthetic versions of almost all gemstones. The older synthetics are easier for gemmologists to determine because they don’t have any flaws. Modern synthetic gemstones are made to look more natural and you need an experienced gemmologist to inspect it to determine whether they are genuine or synthetic. A good synthetic gemstone is cheaper than natural stones of the same quality and size. A reputable seller will tell consumers whether the gemstones are natural or synthetic. It is considered unethical for a vendor to omit the origins of the stones.

When buying gemstones, be sure that the individual or company can be trusted or not. You should also verify the stone from a respected laboratory, especially if it is an expensive one. Some of the gemstones that are not treated include peridot, alexandrite, moonstone, and garnet. You should also do your own research on gemstones and jewellery. Be sure to read the ads carefully and compare prices from various shops. When shopping for jewellery, you should ask for the details of all the components and not just the stones. That way you can make a smart decision on the purchase

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