Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

about Capricorn

Capricorns are stubborn, ignorant, miserly, happy, little boring, active, meddlesome, obliging, humorous, witty, affable, prudent, and firm. According to Indian Astrology, Capricorn (the goat) is the most serious of all the zodiac signs. They are independent and confident. They have a tendency to criticize them too much, which can lead to low self-esteem. Capricorns are dependable, but also extremely cautious. They make a fair, but stubborn leader, and this is a job that they can do well. They are very well organized, so they can handle many projects at once. Capricorns may go through horrible mood swings, being friendly one moment and mean the next.

Zodiac Prediction for the Month of May 2022

This is the time when you can balance and reconcile your work and home, play sexual and passionate games, rather than take a more laid-back approach to personal relationships. Your long awaited projects will likely to be completed in this month after trying you best efforts. In the first week of this month you may be involve in some love affairs or romantic activities. But give your full attention to your family life if you are married, to avoid confrontations. You have to control your language as speaking harsh will bring you troubles and misunderstanding in your family and at your work place. Financially you are good and may get benefits from speculations. Routine work may take your all time. You may receive some good news. At the end of the month you may go to some religious place for pilgrimage. Some guest may come to your home and keep you busy. You will be praised by your opponents also. Work environment will change rapidly and you will not be able to do much. It is advised to go with the flow. You will get only mixed results in this month.

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