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General effects of planets transitting natal planets are given below :

Sun transitting

Sun : Troubles, gain of money but no accumulation, business not good, bilious problems, epitaxis, indigestion due to constipation, ill-health to father, not good relations with father

Moon : Expenditure, change of business or loss of business, cold, gain in business, mental peace

Mars : Problems due to lies, bad behaviour, debts increase, misunderstanding with friends and relatives, Govt disfavour, business stoppage, typhoid, malaria, fever; progress in business, debts cleared

Mercury : Sharp intellect, gain and success in education, success in exam, works get completed quickly, good for writing, editing

Jupiter : Ill-health to family members, loss of wealth, business not good, problem in service, promotion not possible

Venus : Not good for bed pleasures, no happiness from fair sex; ill-health to wife, expenditure on undue luxury, Govt disfavour, problems due to guests

Saturn : Troubles in travels, loss of wealth, obstructions, problem of servants, loss of business, loss from fair sex, problem in leg, mental peace disturbed, quarrels in family

Moon transitting

Sun : Ill health, loss of wealth, Govt disfavour, eye troubles

Moon : Good news, gain of wealth through self efforts, gain of honour; mental problems, loss of wealth,

Mars : Enemies victorious, loss of landed property, less energy, quarrels, hot arguments, but gain of money, more expenditure

Mercury : Not good for education, bad news, problems in business, misunderstanding with relatives

Jupiter : Obstacles in getting wealth, physical troubles, not good relations with elders, Govt officers, disturbed mental peace

Venus : Sexual enjoyment, attraction towards opposite sex, luxurious life, gain of wealth

Saturn : Not much financial gain, problems from servants, loss through them, loss of business, mental worries, debts increase, dishonour

Mars transitting

Sun : Diseases, typhoid, malaria, piles, fever, bilious problems, more expenditure, problems in business, disfavour from Govt officers, eye troubles, operation in stomach, problems to / from father, injury to him, transfer possible, loss in shares, speculation, lottery;

Moon : Injuries, mental anger, problems to/from mother, loss of wealth; good life, efficiency increases, gain of honour, more work, favour from officials

Mars : Loss of wealth, debts, loss of service, loss of vigour, problem through brothers, quarrels, measles, wounds, anaemia, abortion

Mercury : Litigation caused by false witnesses, fake signatures; blames, scandals, litigation by writers, books not acclaimed, loss of business, loss from relatives, thefts, loss of important documents

Jupiter : Good authority, progress, profits, religious deeds, gain of education, law jobs, but problems to children / son, promotion, increase in business

Venus : Excessive sex, sexual relations with bad women, VD, eye trouble, ill-health to wife, wife going to parents, no accumulation of wealth

Saturn : Loss through agriculture, quarrels, litigations, loss through women, loss through low class people, servants; thefts, no promotion,

Mercury transitting

Sun : Gain of education, writing, editing, public relations, business; mental labour, new jobs undertaken

Moon : Good for place or residence

Mars : Error in writing, arguments, quarrels for nothing, mental illness, problems in litigation, less memory, bad for professors, auditors, clerks; insomnia

Mercury : Good for intelligence, art, editing, writing

Jupiter : Good for new jobs, education, exams; gain of honour, meeting with elders

Venus : Good for entertainment, attachment with friends, picnics, luxury articles

Saturn : Mental worries, loss of memory, error in writing, loss of business, disappointments

Jupiter transitting

Sun : Gain of honour, gain from authorities, senior officials; good health, gain of wealth, heart troubles, eye troubles, loss through Govt, loss of service

Moon : Diseases, separation from mother, loss of wealth, business; debts, mental tensions,

Mars : Physical and mental comforts, promotion, gain of business, pleasure through Govt officers, anaemia, injuries, problems with brothers, transfer, gain through speculation

Mercury : Gain of education, progress through relatives, business expansion, good for writing, speech, wealth; mental peace

Jupiter : Loss of wealth, loss through Govt, problem from progeny, debts, dishonour

Venus : Happiness from bed comforts, arts, entertainment, enmity, misunderstanding from learned people, enmity with Govt officials, loss of luxury comforts, problem to wife, loss of business

Saturn : Debts regained, gain of landed property, social honour, gain from senior officials

Venus transitting

Sun : Good for wealth, soul encouraged to good deeds, meeting with senior officials

Moon : Encouraged to sexual acts, luxurious life, gain from vehicles, land, wealth, women; bed comforts, inclined towards arts, cinema;

Mars : Increase in sex, lust; happiness from brothers, gain of landed property, loss of money, discord in marital life, laziness

Mercury : Gain in education, love with relations, gain from women, gain in business, good for writing, editing;

Jupiter : Gain in education, gain from son, favour from Govt

Venus : Increase in luxury, luxurious life, contacts with fair sex, gain from liquids, gain in business

Saturn : Gain of landed property, from women, friends;

Saturn transitting

Sun : Problems from Govt, loss of service, stomach ache, problem to / from father, diseases, debts, enemies increase, criminal case, suicidal tendency, forced to leave home, changes

Moon : Loss of wealth, mental worries, chest problems, cold, pneumonia, cough, loss of wife, problem to mother

Mars : Enemies, cruel nature, quarrels with brothers, disfavour from Govt, blood diseases, piles, quarrels with wife, loss in business, debts, mortgage property, demotion,

Mercury : Loss of intelligence, education, business; misunderstanding with maternal uncle, problem to intestines, separation from relatives, failure in exams, defeat in litigation

Jupiter : Opposition from Govt officers, loss of wealth, problem from son, mental peace disturbed, liver trouble, quarrels with elders

Venus : Problem with wife, separation from wife, divorce possible, loss of wealth, loss of business, dishonour, debts, changes in business

Saturn : Loss through low class people, loss of land, leg problems, many worries, physical troubles, changes in business, dependent

Rahu transitting

Sun : Problem in family life, ill-health, physical troubles, away from family on account of service or business

Moon : Mental problems, dependent, diwala, problem to mother

Mars : Loss of wealth, landed property; inclined to wrong deeds, litigation

Mercury : Mind in doldrums, loss of memory, criminal case, false documents, witnesses;

Jupiter : Good for money, authority; sudden marriage,

Venus : Problem to wife, Bhoot-pret badha, loss of wealth

Saturn : Sudden problems, chronic diseases

Ketu transitting

Sun : Bad period displeasure from Govt, superiors and persons in authority; father sick

Moon : Emotionally disturbed, not good for public relations, slow business, pessimistic, depressed, problems from / to mother

Mars : Problems in business, politics;

Mercury : Unfavourable for communications, critical, not good for travels, education, writing, etc.

Jupiter : Not good for religion, culture; no respect for religious thoughts, unconventional

Venus : Reserved, no social actions, slow business, financial problems, not good for marriage, domestic unhappiness

Saturn : Bad period, depressed, frustrated, negative attitude, anti-social activities

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