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Planets transitting houses

The general effects of planets transiting housest are given below :

Sun transitting

Ist House : Loss of position, rank, wealth; diseases like blood pressure, fatigue, stomach pain, eye troubles; troubles in travels; problem in job; delays, separations, transfer, quarrels

IInd House : Not much gain of money, financial troubles; if money comes, it is immediately gone; cheating by others, anxiety, harsh voice, headache, eye trouble, quarrels in family,

IIIrd House : Good relations with neighbours, friends, relatives, business partners; beneficial short travels; gain through communication, courageous, gain through children, happiness, new jobs, enemies defeated, high position in service, gain of business, promotion

IVth House : Domestic unhappiness, mental problems in domestic life, ill-health, loss of respect, disputes in family, problem regarding property, land, vehicles; problems in job, quarrels with superiors, doubtful nature

Vth House : Not good for children, wife; ill-health to them, mental problems, displeasure from Govt, sorrow in romance, dissatisfaction in lottery, satta, speculation;

VIth House : Good for service, favour from superiors, Govt; new jobs, good health, enemies defeated, no worries, gain from self-labour

VIIth House : Personal quarrels, quarrels with wife, sexual problems, disfavour from Govt, problems in business, litigation with partners, stomach and anus diseases, indigestion, urinary problems, ill-health to wife, unnecessary travelling

VIIIth House : Ill-health to wife, displeasure from superiors or persons in authority, extravagant, high blood pressure, bilious problems, problems through enemies, difficulty in borrowing or getting financial help; unhappiness in married life

IXth House : Not good for long travels, religion and spiritual troubles, involvement with law, loss of money, disturbed mind, quarrels with elders, separation, despondency

Xth House : Enemies defeated, jobs fulfilled, no diseases, gain of money, high position, meeting with senior officials, promotion, success in profession, gain prestige, gain from father, authoritative post, good for politicians

XIth House : Gain through elders, profits, good income, happiness, success in jobs, business; gain through father, son; new high position, meeting with elders, gain from friendship;

XIIth House : Expenditure, fever, quarrels with friends, bilious problems, problems from enemies, opposition from supervisors, problems of business, loss of wealth, eye troubles, foreign travel possible, disgrace

Moon transitting

Ist House : Gain from fair sex, meeting with friends, emotionally warm, good health, good wealth, completion of jobs without troubles, success in litigation, overall success, enemies defeated.

IInd House : Loss of money, expenditure, quarrels in family, jobs obstructed, depression of mind, loss of honour

IIIrd House : Gain from neighbours, friends, relatives, female friends; gain from communication, success in exams, education; a change for better

IVth House : Mental problems, domestic worries, anxiety, confrontations, fear, danger to mother, loss of property, money, vehicle;

Vth House : Not good relations with opposite sex, involvement with children, emotionally involved, disappointment in love affairs, sorrows, loss of money through speculation, lottery,

VIth House : Good health, gain of money, enemies defeated, mental worries over, happiness, acquisition of wanted objects

VIIth House : Marriage ceremony, good relations with opponents, fair sex; sexual bliss, bed pleasures, good food and clothes, gain of vehicles, money; good for business, gain from partners.

VIIIth House : Quarrels for nothing, fear of loss of money, financial problems, ill-health, disgrace

IXth House : Long travels, meeting with someone from distance / foreign, unexpected expenses, loss of honour, problem from religion

Xth House : Success in desired works, gain of honour, position, domestic bliss, meeting with senior officials, success in litigation, enemies defeated, happiness at home, success in profession, good for public relations, sale of property

XIth House : Meeting with friends, marriage, sexual enjoyment, gain of money, prosperity, good health, gain in lottery, speculation, gambling, etc;

XIIth House : Expenditure, laziness, jealousy, loss in jobs, dependence, misunderstanding, involvement with fair sex troublesome, disgrace

Mars transitting

Ist House : Injuries, accidents, anger from senior officials, unexpected heavy expenditure, separation from loved ones, bilious problems, quarrel with wife, bronchitis, high blood pressure, danger from fire, poison;

IInd House : Wasteful expenditure, displeasure from Govt, fear of enemies, thieves; harsh and irritable nature, anxiety, unhappiness in family affairs, no bank balance, loss of money, payment of fines

IIIrd House : Enemies defeated, mental worries over, self-labour productive, courageous deeds, self-confidence, argumentative, pleasure from neighbours, relations, brothers;

IVth House : Unhappiness in domestic affairs, professional problems, sorrows through relations, parents, opponents; dispute over property, land; stomach ache, diarrhoea, skin troubles, eye troubles, blood pressure, loss of property, accidents

Vth House : Worries from progeny, expenditure, quarrels with superiors, failure in exams, fear, anger; loss in speculation, transfer / promotion possible, not good for love life, no new sexual relations, mental worries, theft in house

VIth House : Good for service / tasks, cooperation from supervisors, good health, enemies defeated, success in litigation, increase in income

VIIth House : Tension through wife, partner, associates; enemies troubling. no compromise in marriage or with wife leading to troubles, loss of money from business, quarrels with partners, difference of views, mental agony, ill health to wife, loss in election, urinary troubles

VIIIth House : Ill-health, heat, blood faults, menstruation problems, anaemia, wounds, fevers, accidents, sinful, loss of money, mental worries, no support for borrowing, no financial credit available

IXth House : Disturbed religious thoughts, problem in long journeys, travels, legal difficulties, mental anxieties, loss of wealth, loss of honour, worries from progeny, ?

Xth House : Failure in attempts, misbehaviour, ill-health, fear, enmity, problems in profession, problems from Govt, (Second half of transit is good - enemies defeated, gain in honour, gain from senior officials, professional success, gain from father

XIth House : Gain of money, good for sports, good health, gain of landed property, birth of a son, acquisition of luxuries, success in jobs

XIIth House : Loss of wealth, unexpected expenditure, quarrels with wife, problems from enemies, secret enemies, eye troubles, bilious complaints, dishonour

Mercury transitting

Ist House : Nervous, anxiety, mental problems, loss of wealth, change in plans by force or fear, trouble to / from maternal uncle, not good for litigation, where good expression power is required; loss of wealth

IInd House : Success but disgrace, harsh speech, loss of honour, sorrows unjust scandles, blames, anger, litigation possible, business expansion, good foods, reliable friends, gain of wealth, success in jobs,

IIIrd House : Useless short travels, disharmony with officers, humilation, loss of money, enmity with brother, sister, neighbours

IVth House : Gain of money, success in schemes, plans; prosperity to relatives, domestic happiness, gain of property

Vth House : Quarrels with children, wife; problem from fair sex; not good for students, loss of honour, loss of wisdom, purposeless jobs, dishonour, loss of peace of mind

VIth House : Good for mental works, mental and domestic happiness, enemies defeated, good relations with subordinates, success in undertakings, prosperity

VIIth House : Mental problems, worries, obstacles in jobs undertaken, loss of wealth, ill health, conjugal unhappiness, errors in writing, not good for students and writers, good for litigation

VIIIth House : Stability, happiness, victory, blessed with a son, good intellect, good clothing, benefic for money, gain of honour, sudden gains

IXth House : Problems in jobs undertaken, instability in mind, troubles in residence, trouble from enemies, loss of honour, wealth; unjust blames, ill-health, troubles in travelling, not good for sale/purchase of books, writing, publication, study, law, philosophy, travel, communication;

Xth House : Good health, gain of money, success in profession, mental and domestic happiness, enemies defeated, gain of property, new friendships, good for house

XIth House : Good for communication, social interaction, new friends, prosperity, gain of money, mental peace, gain from progeny, friends, vehicles; birth of son, marriage ceremony

XIIth House : Secretive jobs, fear of humilation, misunderstanding with wife, friends, relatives; disgrace through enemies, heavy expenditure, loss of money, tension from enemies, ill health, business problems, mental instability

Jupiter transitting

Ist House : Disgrace, domestic problems, loss of wealth, heavy expenditure, ill-health, failure in jobs, worries, loss of honour, family quarrels, increase in enemies, separation from birth place, unhappiness from progeny, wife; arguments with officers

IInd House : Gain of money, domestic happiness, addition to the family, marriage, new position, status; good for material possessions, good for investment, purchase of articles of enjoyment; good speech, increase in business

IIIrd House : Separation from loved ones, obstacles in business, ill health, loss of money, change of place, change in circumstances, opposition from brothers, transfer to an unwanted place,

IVth House : Not good for mother, problems in promotion, litigation on account of immovable property, mother ill, opposition from public, problems in business, disgrace, demotion, false accusations, domestic unhappiness

Vth House : Good for happiness from progeny, gain of money, new love relations, favour from elders, enemies defeated, success in education, increase in progeny, purchase of precious stones, mental peace, marriage, success in romance

VIth House : Troubles from enemies, sickness, domestic unhappiness, quarrels, loss of money, heavy expenditure, ill-health, indebtedness

VIIth House : Good for bed comforts, gain of wealth, marriage ceremony, meeting with senior officials, good for social relations, partners, litigation; birth of children, acquisition of vehicles

VIIIth House : Fatigue, loss of wealth, demotion, loss in business, opposition from relatives, friends, useless jobs, loss of honour, loss in litigation, accidents in journeys

IXth House : General success, pilgrimage, philosophical advancement, distant residence, good for marriage, writing, publication, lawyers, professors, expenditure on good deeds, gain of honour, favour from Govt and senior officials, foreign travel, birth of children, promotion, increased income

Xth House : Change of place, loss of wealth, ill health to father, transfer, demotion, suspension, family quarrels, danger to property, scandals, displeasures from superiors

XIth House : Gain from friends, elders; gain of honour, blessed with son, marriage ceremony, interest in religion, good for speculation, shares, promotion, success in education, exams; stable mind

XIIth House : Mental anguish, litigation, separation from family, increased expenditure, ill health, loss of children, loss of money

Venus transitting

Ist House : Peace, good for sleep, dresses, perfumes, luxury articles, marital relations; new position, bed comforts, marriage ceremony, blessed with son, attraction with fair sex, gain in business,

IInd House : Good for wealth, food, cloth, perfumes; happiness for family, attraction of fair sex, marriage ceremony, blessed with child, good health

IIIrd House : Promotion, social honour, enjoyment of luxury articles, enemies defeated, bed comforts, good position, wealth, respect

IVth House : Meeting with friends, gain in authority, professional success, gain of wealth, birth of children, marriage ceremony, gain in agriculture, domestic bliss, acquisition of vehicles, articles of luxury, gain of property

Vth House : Good health, help from friends, good for romance, sex with other women, promotion, social honour, opposition wealth, birth of child, good for entertainment, success in love affairs, name & fame

VIth House : Trouble from enemies, illness, mental worries, quarrels with others for nothing, financial problems, obstacles in business, mental instability, loss of honour, debts, excess expenditure, litigation,

VIIth House : Unhappiness from fair sex, wife; trouble to wife, ill health to her, bad company, loss from fair sex, quarrel with wife, bad for money, partnership, business; venereal disease, domestic unhappiness

VIIIth House : No disease, gain of wealth, property, house; happiness from marriage, meeting with people, contact with rich women, good for business, bed comforts, increase in landed property, prosperity

IXth House : Good for increase in education, good deeds, good friends, mental peace, marriage ceremony, gain of luxury articles, good for poets, opposition weak, success in litigation, respect of elders, charitable donation, distant travel for loved ones, benefic meeting with a foreigner

Xth House : Loss of honour, defeat in litigation, quarrels, criticism by others, disgrace but success in profession

XIth House : Good for friends, food, clothing, fair sex; good income, family happiness, alround success, gain of honour, association with opposite sex, birth of children, prosperity

XIIth House : Good for wealth, gain of luxury articles, bed comforts; investment, increased expenditure on pleasures


When Saturn transits XII, I, and IInd houses from Moon sign, it is said to be the period of Sade Sati, i.e. a period of 7 1/2 years. Saturn remains in one sign for about 2 1/2 years. Its transit in 3 signs is for a period of 7 1/2 years, named as Sade Sati. It is feared by all and occurs after every 30 years. Although people are afraid of this entire period, yet the entire period should not be dreaded, as during this period many good things happen. Following are given the bad periods for each Moon sign under Sade Sati :

Sign Bad Period Sign Bad Period

1 Middle 2.5 years 7 Last 2.5 years
2 First 2.5 years 8 mid 2.5 years
3 Last 2.5 years 9 First 2.5 years
4 Middle 2.5 years 10 First 2.5 years
5 First 2.5 years 11 Last 2.5 years
6 First 2.5 years 12 Last 2.5 years

(Note : In the above, most of bad periods are indicated with the signs whose lords are enemies to Saturn.)

Ist Phase : Transit over XIIth House : For 2 1/2 years; the bad results are suffered by the parents or near relations, since Saturn aspects II, VI and IXth houses. It affects the traits of these houses. Danger to grandmother, eyesight affected, loss in financial position, danger to father, his profession, heavy expenditure.

IInd Phase : Transit over Ist House : For 2 1/2 years; Suffered by the native himself. It aspects III, VII and Xth houses. Hence, it affects the traits of these houses. Ill-health, death of a relation, fear from enemies, journey to distant places, separation from brother / sister, wife and family; imprisonment, loss of wealth, loss of friends, debility, obstruction in undertakings.

IIIrd Phase : Transit over IInd House : For 2 1/2 years; Saturn aspects IV, VIII and XIth houses. Hence, it affects the traits of these houses. Ill-health, may cause death, domestic unhappiness, loss of wealth, increased expenditure, physical weakness, deception, death of children

Saturn transitting

Ist House : Ill health to wife, children; food not good, enemies, disgrace, disharmony, separation from relations, loss of wealth, increase in expenditure, failure in jobs, transfer, change of residence, problem in business, imprisonment, foreign travel

IInd House : Loss of wealth, psychological values, financial insecurity, eye trouble, criminal deeds, ill-health in family, litigation regarding estate, suspension, degradation, loss of service, separation in family

IIIrd House : Good, gain in communication, changes, success, recognition of service, excellent reports, gain of wealth, prosperity, enemies defeated, help from brothers, literary works, danger to brother, loss of progeny, change of place

IVth House : Domestic problems, problems on account of house such as expenditure on repairs, parents ill-health, disagreement with wife, misery, not good for estate, landed property, vehicles; demotion, problem in pension, death in family; This is considered a very bad period, known as Dhaiya, i.e. 2.5 years.

Vth House : Loss of children, wealth, love affairs; confrontations, loss in speculation, gambling, litigation; dispute with children, increased expenditure, separation from family, suspension, problem in education / examination, not good for romance

VIth House : Success in service, loss of enemies, good health, prosperity, happy married life, responsibility and hard work, help from friends, promotion, problems with senior officials

VIIth House : Trouble in married life, delay in marriage, problems with associates, partners; separation from wife, increased expenditure, ill health, diseases of sexual organs, ill health to wife, ;loss of wife, foreign travel, cheating by partners, associates; litigation, suspension in service, failure in exams

VIIIth House : Problem with finances, no loans from bank, death of some relative, separation from loved ones, litigation, bad company, displeasures from officers and Govt, ill health, loss of animals, pets, progeny; renunciation, imprisonment, gambling; This is known as Ashtam Saturn and is considered a very bad period.

IXth House :Legal difficulties, long journeys, concentration on religion, metaphysical level, enemies defeated, diseases, loss in income, criminal punishment, fruitless attempts, ill health to father, even death; problem from progeny, abortion, no promotion, litigation

Xth House : Good for profession, prestige, status, new employment, or job can be threatened, loss of money, scandals, increased expenditure, loss of honour, loss from landed property, danger to parents, secret enemies, no promotion, loss in business,

XIth House : Gain of wealth, fulfilment of desires, marriage, domestic happiness, promotion, honour, enjoyment with opposite sex, favour from Govt, hopes & wishes fulfilled, help from friends, sudden gain, loss of children

XIIth House : No cooperation, useless labour, efforts; disciplinary action, changes in life, danger, mental worries, loss of wealth, loss through enemies, domestic disharmony, loss of service, foreign travel, death of wife, physical troubles, hospitalisation, imprisonment, separation

Rahu transitting

Ist House : Mental peace disturbed, self-confidence, increase in work efficiency, encouraged to undertake new jobs, financial gain, gain of wealth to sons, problem from wife

IInd House : Physical trouble, loss of finance, mental worries, no accumulation of money, eye trouble, misunderstanding with wife, more expenditure than income, not good for estate litigations, enemies victorious, failure in education

IIIrd House : Gain through neighbours, relations, younger brothers; gain of education, short travels, publications, writing, communication; courageous deeds, social honour, jobs in hand get completed

IVth House : Not good for mental peace, landed property, vehicles, domestic life; opposition from mother, not good for new undertakings, opposed to public life, goes away from home, no help from relations

Vth House : Good for love affairs, gain through children, speculation, lottery, shares; good luck, ups and downs, gain in education, emotionally disturbed

VIth House : Chronic diseases, ill health to maternal uncle, loss of honour, ill health, loss of finance, eye troubles, reduction in income

VIIth House : Good for partnership, domestic life, cooperation and happiness, marriage ceremony, defeated enemies, gain in business, excessive sex, bilious and windy problems

VIIIth House : Sudden gain through legacies, inheritance, occult experiences, gain from in-laws, foreign travel, death of loved one, problem of sexual organs, mental worries, bribe cases, diseases

IXth House : Pilgrimage, religious thoughts, foreign travel for education, sudden gain, spiritualism, gain through publication, religion; favour from Govt

Xth House : Gain in profession by hard labour, gain through father, honour and fame, but number of enemies increase

XIth House : Problem to children, loss through friends, good deeds, give charity, donation; loss of wealth, bad luck

XIIth House : Bent towards occultism, secret jobs, service to inferior, enemies defeated, debts taken, litigation to businessmen, securities to be returned, imprisonment, loss of animals, away from home

Ketu transitting

Ist House : Gain of honour, wealth, possibility of injury to head, sudden gains to children

IInd House : Sudden financial gains, eye-injury

IIIrd House : Sudden good luck, enemies defeated, gain through friends

IVth House : Domestic peace, gain of honour, good deeds, sudden gain of land, vehicles, etc.

Vth House : Problems to/from children, bad luck, not good for speculation, shares, etc.

VIth House : More enemies, more expenditure, obstructions, eye trouble

VIIth House : Favour from Govt, gain of honour, sudden gain in business

VIIIth House : Sudden loss of wealth, foreign travel, disease to anus

IXth House : Sudden good luck, gain through friends, good luck to children, gain of honour

Xth House : Disfavour from Govt, harmful to public life, efforts fruitless, mental worries

XIth House : Good profits, sudden and easy gains, gain through friends, speculation;

XIIth House : Expenditure, eye troubles, foreign travel, mental tensions, goes away from motherland

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