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Each planet is strong or weak in different states. This is given below :

1. Bright (Deepta) : in Exaltation sign
2. Healthy (Swastha) : in own sign
3. Happy (Mudita) : in friendly sign
4. Santha : in a favourable sub-division / varga
5. Powerful (Sakta) : when retrograde
6. Unhappy (Peedya) : in the last quarter of a sign, i.e. 0° to 6° or 25° to 30°
7. Helpless (Deena) : in inimical sign
8. In trouble (Vikala) : when a planet is combust* (when near Sun)
9. Bad (Khala) : in debilitation sign
10.Afraid (Bhita) : when the planet moves much faster than his normal motion.

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