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After analysing the horoscope, it is found that such and such planets are capable of causing such and such troubles and problems and are, hence, malefic or such and such planets are capable of producing benefic reults and are, hence, benefic. Then, it will be required to strengthen the weak benefic planet (s) or propritiate malefic planet (s) in order to get the desired results.

There are various ways by which weak benefic planets are strengthened and malefic planets propitiated. These are called Remedial Measures in astrological parlance. These are given below:

1. Yantras : Below are given yantras for each planet. These can be worn or placed in the worship place at home.

Yantra for Sun

This is to be worn/kept on Sunday morning (first Sunday of Bright Half of Moon)

6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

Yantra for Moon

This is to be worn/kept on Monday morning : (first Monday of Bright Half of Moon)

7 2 9
8 6 4
3 10 5

Yantra for Mars

This is to be worn/kept on Tuesday morning : (first Tuesday of Bright Half of Moon)

8 3 10
9 7 5
4 11 6

Yantra for Mercury

This is to be worn/kept on Wednesday morning : (first Wednesday of Bright Half of Moon)

9 4 11
10 8 6
5 12 7

Yantra for Jupiter

This is to be worn/kept on Thursday morning : (first Thursday of Bright Half of Moon )

10 5 12
11 9 7
6 13 8

Yantra for Venus

This is to be worn/kept on Friday morning : (first Friday of Bright Half of Moon )

11 6 13
12 10 8
7 14 9

Yantra for Saturn

This is to be worn/kept on Saturday evening : (first Saturday of Dark Half of Moon)

12 7 14
13 11 9
8 15 10

Yantra for Rahu

This is to be worn/kept on Saturday night: (first Saturday of Dark Half of Moon)

3 8 15
14 12 10
9 16 11

Yantra for Ketu

This is to be worn/kept on Tuesday morning ( first Tuesday of Bright Hal of Moon)

14 9 16
15 13 11
10 17 12

2. Giving articles of the planet in charity

Below are given the names of articles which represent planet (s), which can be given in charity to strengthen or propitiate the planet (s) :

Sun: Monkey, wheat, copper, hilly cow, Wheatish colour, bajra, shilajit, brown bear, nevla, ant; white salt, father, gandum, jaggery, red chandan

Moon: Horse, mare, rice, milk, silver, milky white colour, water sources, cloth, white articles, rabbit, mother, milk-giving trees, white flower/cloth, mishri, conch

Mars: Tiger, masoor dal, gold, copper, red colour, elder brother, fire works, honey, lal mirch, sindoor, blood, deer, red flower (kaner),red chandan

Mer: Goat, sheep, bat, moong dal, gold, green colour, mercury, phatkari, egg, parrot, sand, shahtoot, cane, ivory

Jup: Lion, lioness, Gram, gold, yellow, pale colour, turmeric, kesar, kasturi, saints. peepal, temple, yellow cloth, yellow flowers

Ven :Cow, ox, Butter, curd, camphor, like-curd colour, wife, abhrak, ghee, potato, jaminkand, cotton, jwar, perfumes, seeds

Sat: Buffalo, urad (whole), black colour, iron, steel, coal, black salt, kala surma, kali mirch, urad, mustard oil, wine, hair, fish, snake, bichhu, crow, eagle, keekar tree, aak (madar), shoes, socks

Rahu: Elephant, wild rat, mustard, blue colour, lead, jo, raddish, stairs, blue flowers, blue cloth, knife, blanket, woollen piece,

Ketu: Dog, donkey, pig, lizard, til (seasame), black & white, imli, banana, yellow lemon, saptdhanya : urad (whole), moong (whole), wheat, gram, jo, rice & bajra

If a planet is very strong, its articles should not be given. If a planet is wseak, its articles should not be accepted.

3. Japa of Mantras

Sun: Om Hram Hreem Harom Sa Suryay Namah

Moon: Om Shram Shreem Sharom Sa Chandray Namah

Mars: Om Bram Breem Barom Sa Buddhay Namah

Mer: Om Bram Breem Barom Sa Buddhay Namah

Jup: Om Gram Greem Garom Sa Gurvai Namah

Ven: Om Dram Dreem Darom Sa Shukray Namah

Sat: Om Pram Preem Parom Sa Shanai Namah

Rah: Om Bhram Bhreem Bharom Sa Rahvai Namah

Ket: Om Stram Streem Starom Sa Ketvai Namah

4. Fasting

Sun: Fasting on Sundays, Surya Poojan
Moon: Fasting on Mondays
Mars: Fasting on Tuesdays
Mer: Fasting on Wednesdays
Jup: Fasting on Thursdays
Ven: Fasting on Fridays
Sat: Fasting on Tuesdays
Rahu: Fasting on Saturdays
Ketu: Fasting on Saturdays

5. Stones

Rings of different stones in different metals can be used for the purpose, as indicated below :

Planet         Stone         Metal
Sun              Ruby         Gold
Moon           Pearl         Silver
Mars         Red Coral         Gold
Mercury       Emerald         Gold

Jupiter      YellowSapphire Gold
Venus         Diamond Silver,         Gold
Saturn         Blue Sapphire         Asht Dhatu, Iron, Steel
Rahu         Gomed         Panch Dhatu
Ketu         Cat's Eye         Panch Dhatu

6. Easy Remedial Measures

1. Drink water in copper utensil.
2. Eat ilaichi.
3. Keep red hankerchief in pocket.

1. Use silver utensils.
2. Wear white clothes.
3. Keep white hanky in pocket.

1. Use copper utensils.
2. Wear reddish clothes.
3. Keep red hanky in pocket.
4. Put tilak/tika of red chandan

1. Wear green clothes.
2. Keep green hanky in pocket.
3. Use ivory utensils.

1. Wear yellow clothes.
2. Keep yellow hanky in pocket.
3. Wear garland of yellow flowers.

1. Wear white clothes.
2. Keep white handky in pocket.
3. Wear garland of white flowers.
4. Use silver wares.

1. Wear black clothes.
2. Keep black hanky in pocket.
3. Give black articles in charity.

Rahu & Ket
1. Wear black clothes.
2. Use black blanket.
3. Keep black hanky in pocket.
4. Use black strap for wrist-watch.
5. Use surma in eyes.

Remedial Measure for Sade Sati

Persons under Sade Sati should propitiate Saturn. In addition to the measures given above for Saturn, following can also be used :

1. Wearing an iron ring (Iron should preferably be from a nail hooked in the front of the boat or else it should be from a black horse shoe). The ring should be worn on Saturday evening in the middle finger with a Saturn mantra given above.

2. Keeping a Saturn Yantra at the place of worship in the home

3. Wearing Neelam or its substitute stones

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