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VENUS (in)


Likes travelling, music, arts, recreations, opposite sex; charitable, generous, early marriage, affectionate, demonstrative,

If afflicted, hasty in love, love at first sight, passionate, disappointments in love affairs, catarrh, eczema,

TAURUS: Handsome, ruddy complexion, indulges in love and sex, fortunate, mild-tempered, devoted in love, marriage; vehicles, business,

If afflicted, dull, delayed marriage, unfaithful in love, loss of finance,

GEMINI: Just, liberal, famous, gains through travel, writing; more than one wife, respectable, good friends, flirting in nature, profits from travels, education, writings;

If afflicted, fickle, difficulties in love, marriage, domestic life; loss through travels, irresponsible, two loves, bad respiration,

CANCER: Homesick, kind, liberal, love affairs, sympathetic, love for children, mother; secret love, gain through liquids, good for conveyance, obstacles in marriage due to parents, money, unforeseen problems;

If afflicted, delayed marriage, changeable feelings, problems in domestic life, stomach problems, irregularity in menses, enlargement of breasts,

LEO: Liberal, kind-hearted, magnanimous and sincere in love, likes opposite sex, gains through superiors, speculation, investment, inheritance;

If afflicted, fond of pleasures, separations in love, bad speculations,

VIRGO: Obstacles in love, gains through subordinates, medicines, investments, earthly elements; dual attachments,

If afflicted, disappointments in love, sex,, diarrhoea.

LIBRA: Attractive personality, pleasing smile, kind, affectionate, love for music, fine arts; gains through marriage, partnerships; happy marriage life

If afflicted, problems in domestic life, delay in marriage, urinary problems,

SCORPIO: Unjust, independent, proud, ungracious action, disappointed in love, and marriage,

If afflicted, jealousy, loss in social affairs, venereal diseases, hernia, sexual disorders,

SAGGITARIUS: Humane, just, fond of arts and romance, likes travelling, amusements,

If afflicted, flirting, disharmony in love affairs and domestic life, problems in hips, thighs,

CAPRICORN: Sickly, reliable, responsible, loyal in love, gains through banking, commerce, business; gains from superiors, elders, employers; favourable for friends, ambitious, indifference on the part of partner, domestic unhappiness,

If afflicted, loss through partners, jealousy, problems in knees, gout, stomach problems, skin diseases

AQUARIUS: Handsome, courteous, quiet, chaste, dogmatic, gains through friends, partnership, public enterprises, investments, speculations; likes opposite sex, sincere in relationship, acquaintance with strangers, inferiors; late marriage,

If afflicted, false friends, disappointments in love, home life, hysteria, heart ailments, swollen ankle

PISCES: Fleshy, loves all, helpful, fond of music, hospitable, wants luxurious life and peace, sacrificing nature,

If afflicted, hard labour to get money, fraud, deception, love intrigues, obstacles in marriage, sensitive feet, corn, gout, abdominal swelling

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