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SUN (in the)

ARIES: Enterprising, wealthy, ambitious, strong will power, courageous, born leader, good personality, changing fortune, impulsive, rash temperament, independent, enthusiastic, helpful to others,

If afflicted, irritable, blunt, dogmatic, ringleader,

TAURUS: Cautious, lazy, self-confident, diplomatic, fond of nature, art, music, literature, amusement; gain in business, inheritance, investments, public undertakings, furious when provoked,

If afflicted, obstinate, notorious, bad temper, selfish,

GEMINI: Intellectual, good scholar, wealthy, reserved, studious, doubtful nature, nothing new in the mind, normally two professions, fond of home, education, secretarial, clerical work, writings, adaptive attitude, doubtful nature

If afflicted, two love affairs, twins, two marriages, unreliable, talkative, nervous disorders, bronchitis

CANCER: Ups and downs in life, easy-going, loves mother and family, likes amusements, fertile imagination, harsh, fertile imagination, retentive memory,

If afflicted, timid, restless, stingy, obstacles in life, unhappy, sickly,

LEO: Very ambitious, craves for power and authority, stubborn, fixed ideas, generous, independent, organizer, cruel, longevity for father, sincere in love, short outbursts, frank, outspoken,

If afflicted, proud, vain, harsh temper, dogmatic

VIRGO: Good in maths, frank, modest, suffer through subordinates, laborious, artistic, thoughtful, active, love arts, literature; speculates without much gain, not easy-going

If afflicted, sarcastic, narrow-minded, melancholy

LIBRA: Loves justice, peace, harmony, popular, social, joins clubs, fond of fair sex, disappointments in love, disharmony in marriage,

SCORPIO: Adventurous, extra strong will power keen judgement, occultism, shrewd, reserved, critical, suspicious, prone to accidents, calculative, blunt, aggressive, bold enterprises

If afflicted, passionate, jealous, loss through superiors, high position but a failure, syphilis,

SAGGITARIUS: Respected by others, rich, jovial, charitable, loves justice, intuitive powers, mystical, travelling, changes in residence, fond of travel, voyages, respects saints, elders;

If afflicted, careless, audacious, extravagant, changeable

CAPRICORN: Stubborn, ignorant, commanding, serious, practical, investigating mind, prudent, obstacles in career, good reasoning power, successful as head, high position but difficulties, selfish

If afflicted, delays, obstacles, not appreciated, rheumatism,

AQUARIUS: Poor, unhappy, no materialistic achievements, patient, determined, refined, danger to father, interest in education and politics, charitable, sincere, loves freedom, studious, trouble through son, trouble from husband,

PISCES: Learned, well-educated, lawyer, consultant, lover of law and order, leader, industrious, liable to anger, helpful to others, lacks self-confidence, opposed, not good for father, children, love affairs, hindrances;

If afflicted, prone to drink, troubles, disturbed digestive system, consumption

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