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ARIES: Bony, good organiser, gains through hard work, difficulties in first half of life, leader, problems in domestic life,

If afflicted, gloomy, jealous, boastful, resentful, quarrelsome, rheumatic headaches, anaemia, fits, deafness, kidney troubles

TAURUS: Awkward appearance, diplomatic, reserved, troubled marriage life, quick-tempered, gains through savings, economy, proper investments;

If afflicted, devoid of wealth, more than one wife, immoral, lazy, violent passions, cough, bad teeth, gums, throat problems

GEMINI: Ingenuous, vigilant, observant, interest in maths, scientific theories, harm through younger brothers, relatives;

If afflicted, unfortunate legal affairs, false accusations, criminal cases, troubled period of childhood, bronchitis, dislocation of arms, shoulders,

CANCER: Jealous, self-conceit, no love from mother, does not admit his faults, changes in job and residence,

If afflicted, pessimistic, disappointments in profession, domestic life; indigestion, breast cancer, gall stone, jaundice

LEO: Diplomatic, responsible, cautious, unhappy marriage life, trouble from son, earns by service,

If afflicted, enmity through inferiors, sorrows in love, bad temper, heart trouble, spinal curvature, liver disease,

VIRGO: Good administrator, suffers due to his anger, reserved, cautious, follows mysterious investigations, can manager own or others' property, heads an institution,

If afflicted, disappointments in profession, with older people; trouble through marriage, partnership, trouble in employment through servants, headache, colic pain, appendicitis, intestinal catarrh

LIBRA: Famous, founder of associations, institutions; gains through hard work, intelligence, tactful, prosperous with age, less intimate relations with females, tours to foreign countries, females very beautiful, good lawyer, doctor, scientist;

If afflicted, delayed marriage, cool partner, envious, problems in partnerships, female enemies, separations, broken contracts, kidney troubles, colic, impure blood, toothache, weakness of sexual organs

SCORPIO: Jealous, quarrelsome, daring acts, strong will power, loves occultism, and spirits, strong sense of justice, good presence of mind, resourceful, secret alliances, domestic problems

If afflicted, chronic ailments, violent action, sex-ridden, egoistic, menses problems, nasal troubles, gout, throat defects,

SAGGITARIUS: Serious thinker, philosophical, frank, humane, leader, philanthropic, sacrificing for ideals, lover of friends and merciful to enemies, leader, occult tendencies, prophetic insight, gain through self-labour, merit;

If afflicted, insincere, dishonest, obstacles, nervous breakdown, rheumatism in muscles, thighs, hips, TB, paralysis,

CAPRICORN: Peevish, diplomatic, serious, cautious, deep thinker, connected with lower class people, gains from in-laws, very ambitious to rise, happy marriage, lives away from home,

If afflicted, sorrows in domestic affairs, chronic diseases, melancholic, joint pains, weak knees, dyspepsia, skin diseases, headaches

AQUARIUS: Sober, graceful, courteous, genius, interest in science, wealthy, good position in life, fiery, steadfast, addicted to vices, wine, women; gain through employment,

If afflicted, unreliable, reverse results, sprained ankles, heart diseases, varicose veins, spinal curvature

PISCES: Helpful, loves peace and quiet, pushy, polite, ingenious, head of some institution, village; works alone, engaged in religious activities, success in psychic, occult, mediumistic affairs;

If afflicted, losses, delays through friends, unfavourable ties, self is the cause of misfortune, gout, sensitive feet, rickets,

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