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MOON ( in the)

ARIES: Fickle-minded, likes to travel, fair sex; optimistic, interested in mysticism, occultism; energetic, courageous, disobedient to superiors,

If afflicted, danger from water, women, changes in occupation, rash, headache, insomnia, eye troubles

TAURUS: Liberal, intelligent, fond of females, love affairs, professions connected with earth and its products, also with water; just, gains from inheritance, fair complexion, conservative, gain through females, resourceful, gift for music, singing,

If afflicted, passionate, exaggerating, deaf to reason, trouble from love, sex diseases

GEMINI: Sympathetic, creative, fond of scriptures, scientific and literary pursuits, likes amusements, loves a mixed sort of life, reserved, short journeys, social, goes out of home, may have step-mother, step-brother, step-sister; lacks honesty

If afflicted, lack of prudence, caution; confused mind, doubts, bronchitis, asthma, lung consumption

CANCER: Loves comforts of home, homesick, loves friends, society, likes changes, wise, handsome, wealthy, meditative, lot of property, emotional, imaginative, ability to act, mimic; expression of thoughts, travel by water, deal in liquids, good in property, land, shipping,

If afflicted, shy, timid, fearful, digestive troubles, anaemia, dropsy, fatness,

LEO: Bold, moral courage, large-hearted, intuitive, honest, generous in financial matters, loves luxuries, fine arts, dresses; sincere lover, leader, power, authority, responsibility

If afflicted, proud, easily offended, loss through women, heart trouble, impure blood, eye diseases

VIRGO: Handsome, fond of science, modest, truthful, sweet speech, insight, likes music, dancing, easy-going, irresolute, many short journeys, analytical mind, practical, changes professions, reserved,

If afflicted, irritation, overstraining of nerves, separation in love, problems in domestic life, weak intestines, colic pain, dysentery, eczema

LIBRA: Fond of pleasures, amusements, females; affectionate, warm-hearted, respects holy people, early marriage, attractive with opposite sex, lucky for comforts like house, conveyance; good partnerships, love marriage, loves home, children;

If afflicted, troubles in love and domestic life, wavering mind, delayed marriage, kidney troubles, lumbago, insomnia

SCORPIO: Firm, determined, self-reliant, wants to be free, cannot tolerate any restrictions, danger through voyages, separation from parents, conservative, averse to change, many children, unfavourable for mother, loose morals, drunkard, coarse speech, scandal, loves occultism, mediumship, psychism, dangerous child birth,

If afflicted, disharmony in married life, passionate, sensuous, vindictive

SAGGITARIUS: Practical, determined, energetic, vitality, likes praises, many children, good inheritance, argumentative, fond of nature, pet animals; fond of religious beliefs, mysticism, occultism, natural teacher, preacher;

If afflicted, self-indulgent, unsteady, changeable, weak hips and thighs, intestinal disorders, asthma

CAPRICORN: Strong feeling, but no expression, attached to wife and children, clever, artistic, energetic, emotional, cautious in finances, calculating nature regardless of others' feelings, thirst for social advancement,

If afflicted, separation of wife, partners, selfish, chaotic, kidney troubles, dyspepsia, acid in urine

AQUARIUS: Courteous, fair, emotional, esoteric, interest in political, scientific and public works; optimistic, interested in astrology, occultism, secret societies, intuition, sensitive, gain through inheritance

If afflicted, doubtful nature, lazy, can be led astray easily, not good for marriage, mother, constitution; weak eyesight, anaemia, fits, ulcer, hysteria

PISCES: Easy-going, handsome, obstacles in life, romantic, sentimental, easily discouraged, travels by water, change of residence, romantic, irresolute, not good for love affairs, misunderstandings

If afflicted, venereal diseases, alcoholism, narcotics, weak lungs

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