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MERCURY( in the)

ARIES: Quick in thoughts, ill-disposed, clever, smart in business, action untrustworthy, fond of reading, lacking in methods, easily worried,

If afflicted, rash, overstrain, stammering, nervous headaches, insomnia,

TAURUS: Loves easy life, slow, little action, keen judgement, practical, good memory, harm through friends,

If afflicted, stubborn, stingy, inflexible, sore throat, problems in genital and urinary organs

GEMINI: Straight, intelligent look, good orator, clever consultant, businessman, likes travelling, occult sciences, speculation;

If afflicted, shallow, changeable thoughts, dishonest, gout, asthma, bronchitis

CANCER: Psychic, tactful, ambitious, likes flattering, economical, gloomy, quick to take advantage of others, retentive memory,

If afflicted, curious, financial losses, troubles in intercourse, flatulency, less virility

LEO: Witty, concentrating, intuitive, confident, determined, noble ideas, fond of children, fine arts, pleasures; danger from drugs, intellectual, competent to control, impressionable speech, autocrat, kind, ignore details,

If afflicted, passionate, speculative, palpitation of heart, fits, overexertion, backache

VIRGO: Scholar, practical, power to influence others, fluent writer, has an eye for details with reasoning, capable of handling any work, serious, taste for maths,

If afflicted, doing many things at a time, colic pains, nervous weakness,

LIBRA: Virtuous, broad mind, intuition, balanced mind, social, fond of music and art,
capable of judgement, orderly, orator,

If afflicted, unbalanced, dishonest, kidney troubles, urinary problems,

SCORPIO: Critical, shrewd, stubborn, fond of females, dismal love affairs, suspicious, secretive, harm through near and dear ones,

If afflicted, shy, mysterious, obstinate, pain in bladder, sexual troubles, deafness, stammering, absent - mindedness

SAGGITARIUS: Likes justice, travelling, rash, independent, freedom of thoughts and speech, feels himself superior to others, religious, philosophical,

If afflicted, rash, dishonest, irreligious, weakness of hips, thighs, paralysis,

CAPRICORN: Logical thoughts, cautions, methodical, diplomatic, good organiser, resourceful, ill-tempered, constantly busy with something, interest in literature, occultism;

If afflicted, suspicious, discontented, dejected, sickly, stingy, knee - problem, skin diseases, intestinal problems through anxiety, flatulence,

AQUARIUS: Fleshy, refined mind, critical, deep thinker, intellectual, fond of science, literature, religion; averse to changes, fond of education, metaphysical and occult interest,

If afflicted, unfaithful, easily led to slander, hysteria, fear

PISCES: Intuition, receptive mind, irregular habits, inconspicuous, likes pleasure, recreation; fits of depression, kind hearted,

If afflicted, absent-mindedness, gout in feet, gloom,

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