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Horoscope or birth chart (Janam Kundali) is the record of position of planets in various signs in respect of a particular date, time and place of birth. It is a pure mathematical calculation.

Types of Horoscopes

Used in North West of India:
Ascendent is placed in the top centre (Ist House and the succeeding signs in anti-clockwise). The planets are placed according to signs in which they are. In this type, houses are fixed and Ascendant sign is placed in the Ist house.

Used in South India:
All signs are fixed, Ist sign (Aries) is always the second box from top left, then sign 2 and so on. Since these are fixed, these are never written. Ascendant is written in its particular sign. Planets are placed according to the signs. In this type, houses are not fixed. Ist house is the house where Ascendant is shown. And then, clockwise, next sign is IInd house and so on.



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