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Effects of Planets during their Major Period

General effects of planets in their major period are given below :


Rise in status, gain of power, authority; good health, good eyesight, favours from elders, Govt; gain of wealth

Ill-health, loss of eyesight, fall from status,


Happy, peace in mind, pleasure of bed, happiness from opposite sex, birth of a child, success in business, rise in status, gain of money through white articles, religious mind, enjoyment of comforts

Ill-health, blood pressure, phlegmatic, loss of job, quarrels with women, lazy, danger to mother, insomnia, mental worries, diarrhoea, loss through women, anaemia


Gain from brothers, their prosperity, military or police career, dealing with arms and ammunition, gain of land, prosperity, courageous, name and fame

Rash temperament, failure in litigation, ill-health to brother/sister, appendicitis, accidents, fracture, loss of property, loss by fire, theft; impurity of blood


Gain from business, increase in education, success in sports, publication, publicity; gain through friends/relations, travel; success in astrology, astronomy, mathematics

Nervous diseases, bad liver, los through friends, relations; loss through publication, victim of fraud, forgery; throat problem, loss in business


Success in learning/education, gain of wealth, birth of son, good comfortable life, pilgrimage, gain from yellow articles, gain from religious institutions, respect from elders, promotion in service

Failure in education, poverty, misery, irreligious acts, problems from/to children, failure in efforts,


Gain from wife, opposite sex, art, beauty; birth of daughter, success in travels, business; cooperation from others, domestic bliss, marriage, gain of conveyance

Ill-health, loss through women, opposite sex, domestic quarrels, lack of help from others, discomfortable life, venereal diseases, kidney troubles


Rise in service by self-struggle, hard work; gain from agriculture, land, iron, black articles; influence over masses/public, gain from legacy, through servants, pets;

Poverty, litigation, quarrels, death of loved one, away from home, all round unhappiness, frustrations, loss of land, influence in public; colic pain, rheumatic, general debility, fatigue


Rise in Govt, gain through falsehoods, wrong means, tricks, smuggling, tax evasion; relations with opposite sex, change of place, change in vocation, gain through speculation, gambling; fulfilment of desires

Troubles from Govt, thefts, poison, fire, weapons; loss of relations, scandals, loss of service, dismissal, failure in business, education; loss through women


Gain from medicine, domestic bliss, luxuries; good health, gain through evil deeds

Loss through enemies, thieves; wounds, danger from fire, foreign travel, sorrows by females, ill-health, mental worries, loss of wealth, imprisonment

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