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As explained earlier, zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts of 30° each. Each part is called a zodiac sign and names of 12 signs have already been given. But, for the purpose of astrology, old sages and saints have divided the zodiac in equal parts in many different ways. Each way is termed as Varga. Most commonly known are SHADVARGAS i.e. 6 ways. These are :

1. Signs (Rashi)
2. Hora

3. Decante (Drekkana)
4. Navamsa
5. Dwadamsa
6. Trimansa

In Saptvarga, Saptamsa chart is included to the above.

In Dashvarga, Dashmansa (for livelihood), Shodshansa (for conveyance), and Shashtiamsa (for all conditions) are included to the above.

In Shodashvarga, Chaturansa (for fortunes), Vimsansa (for worship), Chataurvimsansa (for education), Saptvimsansa (for strength), Khavedansa (for good and bad periods), Akshvedansa ( for all conditions) are included to the above.

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