30. Krisanga Yoga
The Lagna lord placed in a dry sign or a sign owned by a dry planet (Sarvartha
Chintamani 2/83).
A person born in this Yoga will possess a lean and depleted physical disposition and
undergoes suffering & physical pains.
31. Durmukha Yoga
Malefics placed in 2nd house and it's lord debilitated or conjunct a malefic (Sarvartha
Chintamani 3/27).
A person born in this Yoga will not be pleasant to look at and may have a disfigured face
due to an accident or by birth.
32. Satkalatra Yoga
The lord of the 7th or Venus are conjunct or aspected by Jupiter or Mercury.
A person born in this Yoga will have a worthy and chaste spouse.
33. Arishta Yoga
The Lagna lord is in conjunction or mutual aspect with the 6th, 8th or 12th house lords
(Dr. K.S. Charak).
A person born in this Yoga may suffer from ill-health.
34. Nishturabhashi Yoga
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