1. Nala Yoga
If Lagna is in a Dvishvabhava sign and several planets also in Dvishvabhava signs then the
effects of Nala yoga can be felt.
One born in this Yoga may have some defect in the limbs, will be determined, clever,
smart and have unstable wealth. The persons born in this Yoga will be good to look at and
be fond of his near and dear ones. They may a tendency to lose opprotunities, which may
lead to disappointment and dejection.
2. Sankhya Kedara Yoga
All planets occupying four houses.
A person born in this Yoga is truthful and guileless, wealthy, virtuous, doing good to others
and an agriculturist.
3. Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga
Mercury in Kendra, exalted or in own sign (Dr. K.S. Charak).
A person born in this Yoga is strong and healthy and has long arms. The person possess a
commanding stature, broad chest, shoulders, forehead and dark hair and an impressive
voice. The person is learned, has a stable mind, long life and is intelligent, wealthy and
blessed with comforts.
4. Bhadra Yoga
Mercury in Kendra, exalted or in own sign, but is conjunct either Sun or Moon (Sambu
Hora Prakasha 20/20).
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