Varsh Phal
in the Varsh Lagna your Muntha is in House No. 3
This period brings fame and good health. Relatives and brothers will bring happiness and
you will receive help and guidance from people in the top position you shall emerge
victorious over your enemies. You shall visit temples and other religious places and make
a short journey.
09/10/2011-06/12/2011 in this period you will be under Sat
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sat is in house no.11
Your hopes and aspiration will be realised in this period. You could enter into new
enterprises. There will be lot of support from your friends and well-wishers. This period
should give you some substantial gains in your business/trade etc. You might hear some
good news regarding your close relative. You will come into contact with people from
far-off places. Travelling will be very useful. This period is also very good as far as love
life is concerned. The attitude of family members will be very nice towards you.
06/12/2011-27/01/2012 in this period you will be under Mer
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mer is in house no.11
During this period, long distance travel is likely to take place. Friends and associates will
help you. You will get lot of opportunities to do better in your business/trade etc. Your
ambitions and desires will also get fulfilled. Happy news regarding your brother or a very
close friend will also be there. This period is quite encouraging as far as your love life is
concerned. Over all prosperity is also indicated in this period. Try to make the best of this
time. You will establish friendly relationship with a lot of new persons.
27/01/2012-17/02/2012 in this period you will be under Ket
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ket is in house no.7
You will get mixed results in this period. You will find sudden stroke of luck. Your social
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