Stone Remedies
1 If you are facing general health problems or want to improve your personality traits,
wear EMERALD stone.
2 If you feel that the wealth coming do not accumulate, or to improve your status and self
expression, wear DIAMOND stone.
3 If your parents are facing problems or you are finding some difficulty in purchase of
vehicle/property or want to attain better results for your graduation studies and domestic
peace, wear Y.SAPHIRE stone.
4 If you are incurring losses in speculation, having abdomen upsets or wants to make good
intelligence defeciencies, wear Y.SAPHIRE stone.
5 If marriage proposal is not getting through or not carrying harmoneous relations with
spouse or pal, wear Y.SAPHIRE stone.
6 If not getting favour of luck,facing problem from father, wants to enhance chances of
foreign travel and inclination towards spritualisn, wear DIAMOND stone.
7 If you are feeling insecurity of job or profession, wear EMERALD stone.
8 If are you facing problem from elder brother or want to get rid of income fluctuations,
wear PEARL stone.
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