Manglik Considerations
Mars is situated in the 12th house of your horoscope, which shows that you are a manglik.
With the influence of Mars, you will undergo long journeys and gain profits from them.
You may sometimes spend more than it is necessary. Physically you will have a good
health but mentally you may undergo some tensions. The reason for this can also be due to
your over ambitious nature. There are chances of your important work being delayed but
you will be successful in facing the circumstances through your efforts and intelligence.
There may be some delay in your marriage, but it will take place in a pleasant atmosphere.
Your spouse will have a good health and you both will share a good relation. You will lead
a happy married life.
With the aspect of Mars on 3rd house of your horoscope, you will be hard working and
courageous, but you may lack self-confidence due to which you may not be able to build
up your courage during difficult times. Your efforts may sometimes be fruitless. There are
less chances of receiving happiness or profits from brothers and sisters. The aspect of
Mars on 6th house of your horoscope indicates that you may sometimes be troubled by
problems of blood, acidity, pimples and swelling. The aspect of Mars on 7th house of
your horoscope shows that you may sometimes have differences with your spouse, but
this will not have any influence on your married life.
To make your married life happier, you must marry only a manglik person. By doing so,
your manglik effects will be cancelled. While matching the horoscopes, see to it that Rahu
or Saturn is placed in any one house among the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in the
horoscope of the person whom you marry. This way you can lead a happy and
prosperous married life.
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