Sadesati Detail
Your third and last phase of Saade Saati begins with the transit of Saturn into Scorpio
sign. In this phase, Saturn is positioned in the second house, while ruling the fourth and fifth
house. The fourth and fifth house pertains to mother and the children house. In the third
phase, Saturn remains in the Scorpio sign of its enemy planet Mars. So you turn to be
harsh, cruel, short tempered and zealous by nature and you do not fulfil your words and
there develops a tendency of deceiving. In such a time, you are violent and get easily
irritated. The capacity of analysing anything goes weak, resulting in your hateful activities.
So you should carefully use the vehicle and armaments. During this period, the enemies
become stronger and there is a possibility of their victory also. You should not lend money
to anybody,
otherwise there will be a great problem in its refundedment. The money
exhausts and there are chances to face the wrath of the govt
The complete period of Saturn's Saade Saati does not remain same. Its favourableness
and unfavourableness depends upon the star under which Saturn is moving. The remedies
for reducing the sinner effects of Saade Saati are based on Mantra, devotion, worship and
donations. A thorough analysis of the horoscope is required in this regard, for the
knowledge of remedies for reducing the harm. For the DOSH SHANTI, the following
remedies may be adopted for lessening the sinner effects of Saade Saati. There are great
possibilities of benefit, if these remedies are adopted prior to beginning of the Saade Saati
1. Lord Saturn should be worshipped and oil may be offered in temple on every Saturday.
2. In the evening, the following mantra of Saturn should be muttered for 108 times : "OM
Sah Shanishcharai Namah" or "OM Sham Shanishchrai Namah".
3. Keep a fast for atleast 40 Saturdays. This fast should be started in the brighter half of
the lunar month.
4. A mustard oil lamp should be lighted under a peepal tree.
5. Iron, black collyrium(kala surma), mustard oil, leather shoes, black cloth, liquor, black
urd dal etc. should be donated on Saturday.
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