You are a fighter in all the work you attempt in life. You will go through many ups and
downs in life, in the early stages of your life but you will be successful in the end with your
determination and hard work. You are an independent person and do not like to be under
any obligation. You are very short tempered. You will make many enemies in your life,
wherever you may be. You are very courageous by nature. You usually do not think of
before you speak. You are prone to accidents from fire and explosions. You may have to
undergo some kind of operation in your life. You may have to withstand many quarrels
and conflicts with your relatives and in family life. You do not like criticism. You always
have a good opinion about yourself. You always want to be respected and recognised by
others. You are an excellent organiser of work. But if you lose heart, you usually let your
work get shattered without even trying to amend it. You will do almost anything for
receiving care and sympathy. You can be very fortunate if you do not carried away by
temper and violence. The 27th year of your life will be very prominent to you and the time
of your marriage may prove to be a turning point in your life. Health wise, you may suffer
from fevers of all kinds and from measles. You should avoid alcoholic drinks. Having
onions, garlic and radish will prove to be helpful.
You are attracted towards the members of opposite sex and possess a strong sexual
desire. You are very firm minded and have no room for emotions and sentiments. You are
inclined towards children and animals. You are very broad-minded. You are very
aggressive and have good resistance power. You have the will power to fight against all
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