Nakshatra Phal
natives are inclined towards the ladies. Such natives are very much clever in farming and
they are benefited in business of partnership and in the business of sale-purchase.
The fourth, ninth and the fourteenth day of the Lunar month are very unlucky and
unfavourable for these natives. The Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius natives are
very favourable to them. The Cancer and the Leo natives may keep an enmity with them.
The Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and the Pisces natives are cordial to them. The Vaishakh
month, the brighter part of the Lunar month (Shukla paksh), the eighth day, Friday,
Aashlesha Nakshatra and the first phase of the day, they all are very unfavourable to Libra
The Libra natives should worship Goddess Lakshmi. If there is any type of mental or
physical tension or the desired aim is not achieved, then it is advisable to maintain a fast on
Friday. They should donate diamond, white coloured cloth, white sandalwood, rice, milk
etc. If there are too many problems or there is any possibility, then the Tantrik mantra of
the Venus should be muttered by self or through some learned pundit. The Tantrik Mantra
of the Venus is as follows:
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