Nakshatra Phal
This means, the male natives are inclined towards ladies, but they posses a very pure and
pious soul. They store the grains. Such natives are very beautiful and full of grandeur. They
also posses a long nose and big eyes. They are the destitute of corporal form. They oblige
their friends and relatives. Such natives are very much dedicated to the God and
In an another book, named "Phal Deepika" these Libra natives have been described
through the following couplet: -
( &
This means, these natives are very weak and unstable by nature. They own few children.
Such natives are very much dedicated to God and Brahmins. They always keep on
travelling. They rather enjoy the mobility, and they are normally known by their second
name. Such natives are very much patient and are an expert in the business of
sale-purchase. These natives like justice and are the mediators. They get their fortune very
In brief, the salient features and characteristics of the Libra natives may be described as -
These natives are admired and respected by all. They enjoy the things in life and are very
religious and clever also. Such natives are liked in the royal assembly and are very
intelligent and perfect in the field of art. They like sweet dishes. The Libra natives are very
much sincere to their father and dedicated to the God and Guru. They have a hobby of
collection of things. Such natives are very learned, rich and wealthy and are very talkative.
They have a number of friends. These natives have knowledge of valour. They are also
very fond of music and poetry. They are very compassionate and trust other people. They
posses a beautiful and pious soul. Such natives lead a life of grandeur and also have the
knowledge of astrology. These natives love their friends and companions. They may suffer
from head, stomach, and skin ailments. They are also very much afraid of water. These
natives may have less number of children, and their spouse dominates them. The male
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