Nakshatra Phal
At the time of your birth, the Moon was in transit in the second phase of Vishakha
Nakshatra. To the effect of your birth during this period, you have attained the effect of
second phase of Vishakha Nakshatra. As you are born in the second phase of Vishakha
Nakshatra, the Zodiac sign of your birth is Libra and Venus is the ruler of this birth sign.
According to the holy records, the first word of the name of the native, who take birth
during the second phase of Vishakha Nakshatra, should be To (their name should start
with the word To).
In various famous literary composition on astrology, the features and characteristics of
Vishakha Nakshatra have been described very significantly. For example, the famous
book named, "Jaatak parijaat", describes the features of Vishakha Nakshatra born natives
They are very proud by nature. They are dominated by their spouse, but they defeat their
enemies. By nature they are very angry.
The other volume named, "Jaatak Bharnam", explains these features and characteristics as:
" #
This means, the natives who take birth during Vishakha Nakshatra, are by nature inclined
towards worship of God and devoted to fire sacrifices. In the metal process, they are very
hot tempered and at times they are very gentle. They are not sincere to anybody in their
In an another famous volume on astrology named "Vrihajjatkam", these charscteristics
have been explained as under: -
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