Life Analysis
performingsuch jobs, you shall hardly feel any stress. In the field of work & occupation
handicrafts, poetry, painter, invention, advocate, working under a political leader or
government officer, typist, architect, editor, translator, writing, teacher, book binder,
physician, doctor, telephone operator or work related to this department can provide you
the desired success. In order to have a bright future and gain progress in life, you must
choose a career from the above given professions. In the field of business; publishing,
coaching centre,
selling books, law, writing, medical practice, decorative items,
architecture and such jobs has the possibility to give you the desired profits and benefits, if
you perform independently. You will receive respect and fame in society. Due to your
mental capability and polite behaviour you may be honoured in a high post or as a member
of some social, cultural, educational or political institution. This will increase your fame and
social status. You will receive happiness from your father. He will be educated and
intelligent. Your father will play a major role in your progress and also help you in every
possible way.
Gains, Earnings, Ambitions
At the time of your birth the Cancer rasi is rising in the eleventh house of your horoscope.
The ruling planet of this rasi is Moon. Moon being the lord of eleventh house is situated in
the Second house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its good results. You
will have a hard working nature and if you struggle a little you can obtain good gains. You
will have constant gains from your work in life. You will try to earn money through many
mediums in life but the chances of earning money from many works are less. You should
always concentrate on your foremost work and try to gain more benefits from it. You are
a person of an ambitious nature. You will always try to reach to the top position. Wealth,
land, house, vehicle etc may be your desires in life. You will normally be able to fulfil your
desires through hard work and intelligence and have all the materialistic happiness in life.
You will also receive love and benefits from your relatives and friends. Your elder
brothers and sisters will have an impressive and courageous personality. You will receive
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