Life Analysis
and respect towards their parents. You will be interested in matters regarding love but you
will not be much serious in this matter. You may establish such relations not emotionally
but for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment. You should try to take care of morality and
your reputation in these kinds of matter. You should also try to avoid controversies. You
will presumably receive prosperity and pleasures gradually in your life on the merit of good
deeds done by you in your previous birth.
Diseases, Opponents, Competition
At the time of your birth the Aquarius rasi is rising in the sixth house of your horoscope.
The ruling planet of this rasi is Saturn. Saturn being the lord of sixth house is situated in the
Second house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its good results. You will
have a good health. You will not be infected much with any long-term disease or illness.
Even if you sometimes fall ill, you will have a quick recovery after treatment. By leading an
ethical life, you can obtain a healthy and long life. You will not have any huge losses or
arguments with your opponents or rivals. Your own relatives may behave as your enemies
and you may not have a cordial relationship with them concerning financial or property
matters. But in the end there are chances of the decision going in your favour. You must
always take your decisions courageously which is good for you. Your maternal uncle's
family will provide you their absolute support and love and you may share a good alliance
with them. You will have good gains from your workers & subordinates. They will be
honest and dutiful towards you. You may have some tensions regarding your position in
your work place.
Marriage Prospects, Partnerships etc.
At the time of your birth the Pisces rasi is rising in the seventh house of your horoscope.
The ruling planet of this rasi is Jupiter. Jupiter being the lord of seventh house is situated in
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