Life Analysis
have to face much difficulty in increasing your fame and comforts. You will able to boost it
through your intelligence and hard work. Your mother will be from an educated & virtuous
family. She may be of some simple and serious nature. She will provide her contribution in
making the family educated and principled but she may not be able to receive the
complete support of family members in this matter. You will have a good and simple house
in life. You may renovate your old residence into a new one. You will have a desire to
reside in a better house and shall be successful through your hard work and will power.
You will have your own vehicle in life, whether it may be second-handed. You may
receive moveable/immovable properties from your parents, spouse or government. But
receiving the property, you may not have complete power over it, there are strong
chances of partnerships in it. Regarding education, you will complete it but there may be
some obstructions in it. You may also go in for technical or business related course. You
will have many friends in life but very few of them may be close to you. This means that
you may receive only normal support from them.
Intelligence, Children etc.
At the time of your birth the Capricorn rasi is rising in the fifth house of your horoscope.
The ruling planet of this rasi is Saturn. Saturn being the lord of fifth house is situated in the
Second house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its medium results. You will
be somewhat serious and sharp-minded. Through your intelligence, you will be able to
understand other people's plans and will also be successful in planning your woks
excellently. You will always delay in taking quick decisions. Even after a slightest doubt,
you may have the habit of changing your decisions again and again due to which you may
sometimes also be in distress. You should try to stay away from illusions and imaginations.
You may be interested in Vedic and religious culture and may also have interest in modern
languages and science. You will receive happiness and normal support from your children.
They will have an average good looks, intelligence and good nature. They have the
likelihood of making good progress in life after their education. They will also have love
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