Your Horoscope is not night-blind horoscope.
Blind horoscope
In a horoscope, 10th house plays a very important role as this house is linked with the
status, profession and favours from the superiors. From the health point of view, it is
associated with Bones, Back, Knee joint & Kneecap.
In general, it is connected with Profession, Source of Livelihood, Business affairs,
Profession, Position in life, Status, Political power & dominance. The diseases related to
this house are Leprosy and Leucoderma.
If 10th house has inimical planets posited there or there is no planet at all in the 10th
house, then the horoscope is called as a Blind horoscope even though the natural lord of
10th house Saturn, is well placed or exalted in the horoscope. For e.g. Moon & Ketu,
Saturn & Sun, Sun & Rahu etc are inimical to each other. Their placement in the 10th
house will spoil the beneficial results of the other planets.
Your Horoscope is blind horoscope.
Minor Horoscope
According to Lal-Kitab, in certain conditions some horoscopes are considered as minor
till 12 years of age. The fate of such horoscopes is unpredictable till 12 years. Such
horoscopes carry the effect of the karmas of their previous birth. The effect of the planets
in these horoscopes can be compared with the results achieved by a minor, as a minor is
dependent on adults in the family & cannot achieve much on its own. Similarly the planets
in Minor horoscopes cannot show their full potential even though they are well placed.
A horoscope is said to be a Minor one if 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses do not have any
planet or only Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are placed there or there is only mercury placed in
above mentioned houses.
According to Lal-Kitab, the native of a minor horoscope experiences the effects of each
planet, every year, till 12 years of age as per the given table below. For e.g. in the 1st year,
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