Dharmi Teva
Some horoscopes are considered as Dharmi horoscopes in Lal-Kitab. According to
Lal-kitab, Rahu, Ketu & Saturn are considered as malefic planets. Mars is also included in
this group if it is showing negative results. In the Dharmi horoscopes, the negative affect of
malefic planets gets reduced to a good extent.
If Jupiter is conjoined with Saturn in any house or if Saturn is posited in 11th house then
the horoscope is known to be Dharmi. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn is capable of
averting many adversities. Their placement especially in 6th, 9th, 11th or 12th house gives
astonishing results. Such horoscopes are blessed with divine blessings. A horoscope also
becomes Dharmi if Rahu or Ketu is posited in 4th house. The combination of Moon with
Rahu or Ketu in any house of a horoscope also makes it a Dharmi Teva.
In Dharmi horoscope the native gets divine help in the time of crises. Since Saturn is
considered to be the planet of judgement, its nature becomes soft and sympathetic towards
the native because of its association with the planet of luck- Jupiter. Similarly, Rahu and
Ketu (dragon's head & tail) are supposed to produce obstacles in the path of native. But
they don't harm the native if they are posited in the 4th house or conjoined with moon in
any house.
Your Horoscope is non-Dharmi horoscope.
Semi - Blind (Night Blind) horoscope
According to Lal-Kitab, planets in some horoscopes don't show good results even though
they are well placed. Such horoscopes are not favourable for professional success, mental
peace or harmonious family life. These horoscopes can be compared to a person who is
suffering from night blindness.
A horoscope is called as Semi-blind if it has Saturn in 7th house and sun in 4th house. In
such condition, Saturn aspects sun by 10th aspect. The aspect of Saturn on sun is not
considered to be auspicious moreover Saturn becomes powerful in 7th house thereby it
spoils the result of 9th, 1st & 4th house, the houses of luck, health & comforts respectively.
Hence in such conditions, the remedies of Sun will be of no use. In such cases, to
terminate the ill effects of Saturn, one must always follow the only the remedies of Saturn.
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