Lalkitab Effects of Planets
The position of Jupiter in the 3rd house of your Horoscope, shows that you will have
interest in astrology. You are very strict in your behaviour. You will put anything at stake
for the sake of your friends and if you think someone as an enemy, you will want to
destroy him. Maintain good relation with your brothers, they will prove to be helpful. Due
to this position of Jupiter, you may have some problems from your sister, daughter and
1. Maintaining good relationship with elders with increase your luck.
2. Do not get trapped in any kind of greed.
3. Do not talk excess, have control over your speech.
Influence of planet Venus
Due to the position of Venus in the 12th house of your Horoscope, you will look after
your family well. You will progress a lot through your spouse. You will have interest
donating in charities. You will spend your money in good deeds. Your income will
increase after your marriage. You will be very humorous. You will be interested in singing
etc. You can gain profits with agricultural works. You will be religious and will have a long
1. Wife should do charitable work.
2. Do not wear others clothes.
3. Donate a cow.
4. Light a ghee lamp in the house daily.
Influence of planet Saturn
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