Lalkitab Effects of Planets
Influence of planet Sun
The Sun is positioned in the Lagna. This position of Sun is good for body and personality.
Due to the influence of Sun, you shall be sharp minded and will be victorious over your
enemies. If the Sun is powerful in this position, you will receive good fame, respect and
education. Staying away from alcohol and meat will be good for you. You will gain wealth
only by hard work. The more you work hard, the more you will progress. Religious work
and charity will give you good results. If the main entrance of your house is not in the East
direction, then you may have to face obstructions in your progress.
1. Take some sugar before leaving the house
2. Before switching off the gas at night, sprinkle few drops of milk in the fire.
3. Install a hand pump in your ancestral house.
Influence of planet Moon
The position of Moon in the 2nd house of your Horoscope is known as a fortunate sign.
This position will also increase your family. You will surely get the benefits of ancestral
property. Serving elderly women will open the way for your progress. You can gain
profits if you leave some portion of the floor, uncemented. Serving a white coloured horse
will always be helpful to you.
1. Donate green coloured clothes to female children.
2. For long life, bury some silver in the foundation of the house.
3. Take the blessings of elderly ladies.
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