Lagna Phal and Effects of Planets
Influence of planet Rahu
Rahu in 9th house indicates you will travel to many places. You will have many foreign
connections. You may be henpecked by your spouse. You will be head of a project. You
will take interest in religious affairs. You may feel some deficiency and weakness in affairs
of brothers and sisters. There will be illness to father. You possess the knowledge of
shastras and philosophy. There will be loss of paternal properties. You will enjoy wealth
by your own efforts. You will acquire high power and position in government and society
and sometimes you also feel some blows and weakness in the same due to your bad
associates. You will get political success. You are very in-compassionate. You will
increase your power and position by your intricate and mysterious policies. You will
acquire fame.
Influence of planet Ketu
Ketu in 3rd house indicates that you are very daring, active and laborious. You acquire
huge wealth by your own efforts. You are kind-hearted and live with noble people. You
may get trouble in arms. You are very popular and strong. You defeat your rivals by your
intellectual and tactful actions. You feel some deficiency and weakness in the house of
brothers. You travel to many foreign countries and make connections with foreign people.
You make your future by your laborious and intellectual deeds. You spend much for
physical pleasures. You may have disputes with neighbours. You are very wealthy,
peevish and victorious. You mostly appear to be very simple but really you are extremely
wealthy. You are accustomed to irregular meals. Ketu shows defeat of rivals, success in
all attempts, gain in occupation, ill-health or death of brother, respect, authority and power
and position.
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