Lagna Phal and Effects of Planets
biting. Mars causes eye diseases, bad acts, loss of spouse and mean tendencies. You may
indulge in in-compassionate acts, there will be loss of wealth, grief and obstruction in
Mars in Leo: you are very daring, are a person of principles, are obliging and helpful to
needy people. You are a competent person.
Influence of planet Mercury
Master of the ascendent and 10th house Mercury in the ascendent indicates that you will
have an active, healthy and long life. You will be very rich and will own land and property.
You will be respected in society and will get political support. You will be very close to
your father. You will take interest in astrology. The latter part of your life will be full of
Mercury in 1st house: You will be learned, well versed in mathematics and interested in
studies. You enjoy club life. You speak intelligently. Your speech is interesting. Mercury
also gives you a sharp wit and health. You do honorable acts. You are popular. You seek
knowledge. You are famous. You are God fearing, kind-hearted, sweet spoken and wise.
Mercury in Virgo: You are a good orator, your speech is influential. You are fond of
literature and poetry are a good writer, are happy and very wise.
Influence of planet Jupiter
Master of the 4th and 7th house Jupiter in the 3rd house indicates that there may be
opposition from parents, brothers and friends. You will have land and conveniences. Your
father will be famous. You will have many friends. You will earn by your own activities,
but will spend much. You may have more daughters than sons. You will be liked by your
relatives. There may be disputes over paternal property. You will be affectionate to your
children. Your spouse will suffer ill-health.
Jupiter in 3rd house: You have good brothers and neighbours. You will take care of your
health first and only later think of other things. Sometimes you have disputes with your
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