Dasha Predictions
will provide their best support towards you. If you are appearing for exam or competition,
this period will see you through nicely. There are chances of buying a new vehicle during
this period.
13/06/2014 - 10/06/2015 in this period you will be under
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Ket (Antardasha)
This period indicates ups and downs. At times, your intuitive faculty will be highly
penetrating and you will be benefited due to all this. But on other occasion, you will be just
after your illusionary thought & consequently suffer heavily. As a businessman, there are
good chances of making money by knowing market trend well in advance. However, do
not lack in your logic and reasoning while acting on your instincts. If dealing with
publication, agencies or liaison work then very good results may be expected.
In case, you are in service, you may be asked to make some project or report, which is
unique in its own right and that will put you very high among your colleagues. You will also
command a good respect during this period. As a student, put your best efforts if wanted
to get desired results. A slight lacking in work may deprived you from your objectives.
Family atmosphere will remain quite okay but the health of some one in the family may
cause certain tension in your mind.
10/06/2015 - 10/04/2018 in this period you will be under
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Ven (Antardasha)
This is going to be a very good period. You will become the center of attraction due to
your activities. There will be frequent meeting with lively and intelligent people. Your mind
will also be inclined towards art, poetry, music, literature etc. As a businessman, you will
do very good. An increase in income as well as assets is indicated. There are good
chances of starting some new line of business in this period.
If you are in service, then your working conditions will improve fantastically. You may go
abroad on deputation or a promotion will take place. You will also enjoy very good
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